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Some of the items we discussed:

1.     Get a better treasure map. Instead of sifting through spreadsheets or blindly searching for data center assets, like servers, storage and switches, Consoli recommends developing an accurate “map” using RFID tagging and automated data center information management (DCIM) software to tag and track data center assets.
2.     Get better info. IT pros are encouraged to make sure they have a good DCIM solution in place to correctly capture all necessary asset data and create a central repository.
3.     Get a better process. It’s important to establish accurate and efficient data center asset management procedures that can be followed by the entire operations staff.
4.     Get a happy crew. Data center audits can drag down productivity and affect morale when assets are incorrectly tagged. “You want to avoid a mutiny? Get this part fixed,” says Consoli.
5.     Get better tools. Using a clipboard, pencil and a flashlight is often the default for data center audits. Better tools include RFID tags and scanners to tag and track automate the process.
6.     Get your data center ship on course. One small change can make a world of difference for asset management. Consoli recommends developing a specific plan of action that will involve every new asset that comes into the data center. “Trying to tackle all the existing assets can be overwhelming,” he says. “Try starting with new assets and including existing assets over time. Don’t try to boil the ocean”.